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Why HR Consulting

Employee satisfaction in any company is dependent on its Human Resource services department. In order to deal with the nitty-gritty involved among the employees, to ensure smooth functioning of HR department, & to compensate for resource availability, companies opt for HR Resource outsourcing (HRO) or HR consulting services.

What HR consulting can do for you?

HR Consulting helps in boosting organizational performance with many strategic benefits like eliminating the repetitive back office HR Functions, cost competitiveness and helps in maintaining strategic HR focus.

Thus, HR consulting can

  • Help in structural reduction of the Human Resource Managing (HRM) cost base, by identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs.
  • Help organizations to serve their employees better, as the people come first.
  • Help organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Benefits to Clients:

  • Single Window Contact
  • Implementation of minimum wages
  • Manpower availability at all times
  • Help Clients to concentrate on core areas
  • Labour Law Management
  • Maintenance of statutory issues

Benefits to Associates:

  • Company Manual, Policy, Guidelines
  • Single Window Contact for all Associates deputed at a location
  • Personal records for individual associates
  • Salary Slip

Why Payroll Services:

Need for Payroll Outsourcing:

  • Processing payroll is taking up too much time
  • It is difficult to keep a track of when to pay the monthly statutory deposits and when to file returns.
  • Erroneous and late filing result in penalties.
  • It is a headache to keep a track of various changes in rules.
  • Benefit programs of complex nature cannot be implemented.
  • It is difficult to keep and organize all records.

Common mistakes in Payroll Processing:

  • Setting up Payroll Incorrectly.
  • Forgetting to record in paper checks.
  • Submitting deposits late or incorrectly.
  • Neglecting to run payroll on time.
  • Compliance differ location-wise.

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